viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2012

El Hacedor de Lluvia en Washington DC

Cultural Center Concert: Ranferí Aguilar, Guatemala Date: 29 Nov 2012 Time: 6:30 PM Location: Washington, DC, United States IDB Cultural Center 20th Anniversary 1992-2012 In honor of Bak’tun (12/21/12) The IDB Cultural Center and the Embassy of Guatemala present Guatemalan musician Ranferí Aguilar – The Rain Maker and his band Music inspired by Maya culture Ranferí Aguilar (Guatemala City, Guatemala 1960) studied classical guitar and co-founded Alux Nahual in 1979, the most important rock band in Central America until 1999. From there he went in search of Mesoamerican roots, authentic instruments and artifacts. In cooperation with anthropologists and ethnomusicians, he embarked on a creative process of discovery. His music is characterized as ancestral Maya music fused with guitars, pre-hispanic wind instruments, and vocals. He also participates in the NatGeo Sessions where artists share an ecological message through their music.

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